Behrend Talks
Title Audio File Description
Dr. Ford - 2/16/24

How to navigate the college enrollment process, with Andrea Konkol.

Dr. Ford - 12/22/23

Building a better Wesleyville, with Borough Manager Marcus Jacobs.

Dr. Ford - 11/24/23

Artificial intelligence and its impact on cybersecurity, with Jeremy O’Mard.

Dr. Ford - 9/29/23

A silver STARS rating for sustainability, with Dr. Sherri “Sam” Mason.

Dr. Ford - 9/1/23

The digital humanities and the Frankenstein Variorum, with Dr. Elisa Beshero-Bondar.

Dr. Ford - 6/9/23

A new threat to chestnut trees, with graduate researcher Emily Dobry.

Dr. Ford - 5/12/23

The international-student experience, with Hetzel Award-winner Yingxin “Cindy” Wu.

Dr. Ford - 4/14/23

Opportunities for alumni engagement, with Dr. Priscilla Hamilton.

Dr. Ford - 3/17/23

Partnering with the Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corporation, with Bishop Dwane Brock.

Dr. Ford - 2/17/23

ROI as a factor in the college search process, with Andrea Konkol.

Dr. Ford - 1/20/23

Project RESOLVE and the expansion of the Open Lab, with Dr. Amy Bridger.

Dr. Ford - 12/23/22

Improving Students’ Mental Health, with Sue Daley.

Dr. Ford - 11/25/22

The New Erie Hall, with Ken Miller and Brian Streeter.

Dr. Ford - 10/28/22

Promoting Student Engagement, with Kris Motta Torok and Clark Tieman.

Dr. Ford - 9/30/22

Corporate Partnerships in Knowledge Park, with Brian Kupchella. 

Dr. Ford - 9/2/22

Nurturing Campus Diversity, with Sam Epps.

Dr. Ford - 8/5/22

How to see through “post-truth” communications, with Dr. David Kahl, Jr.

Dr. Ford - 7/8/22

Scholarships and other philanthropic support, with Kevin Moore.

Dr. Ford - 6/10/22

Restoring and repurposing the Federal House, with Tom Hagen.

Dr. Ford - 5/13/22

Teaching online and in-person, with Eric Robbins.