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Website Wednesday - April '24

Join host Laura Deane and Andrew Schmidt.  Andrew is the Corry Area School District Technology Director and an Impact Corry connectivity champion as they discuss the need for high-speed internet access in the Corry School District.

Website Wednesday - March '24

Join host Laura Deane and Chuck Gray.  Chuck is the executive director of Impact Corry.  This show is the second in a series about the fiber optic internet network coming to Corry. Impact Corry and its partners are building a universal gig fiber network that will make Corry a rural community of choice for remote workers, online learning, digital economy job training, and technology businesses.

Website Wednesday - February '24

Join host Laura Deane and guest Katherine DiVittorio as they discuss the educational, business, and wellness challenges facing rural communities without high-speed broadband. They also discuss what the champions of Corry, Pennsylvania are doing to bring a universal gig fiber optic network to their community to solve the issues of access and ready the community for the digital economy.