Title Audio File Description
Website Wednesday - April '24

Dan Ludwig, Office Manager, at JKS Finishes, discusses why every great JKS Finishes, Inc. interior or exterior painting project starts with industry-leading preparation!

Website Wednesday - March '24

Dan Ludwig, Office Manager, at JKS Finishes, discusses why springtime is the ideal time to consider an interior or exterior painting project at your home or business!

Website Wednesday - February '24

Wintertime can leave your exterior surface looking dingy & weathered.  Now is the time to book a spring/summer power washing, or your interior & exterior paint project by calling 814-796-6365 for a free no obligation estimate!  

Website Wednesday - January '24

With their first Podcast of 2024, Dan Ludwig discusses the importance of choosing the right paint for your surface, and details why JKS Finishes excels at helping the customer with this process.  

Website Wednesday - Nov./Dec. '23

JKS Finishes, Inc., Office Manager, Dan Ludwig, discusses the many reasons why JKS is Erie’s best choice for commercial and residential painting projects!  JKS has a wide array of services from interior and exterior painting to warehouse safety striping to epoxy garage floor coverings!

Website Wednesday - October '23

With 150 years combined of painting experience, nobody in the Erie area can match the high quality, professional painting for your home or business that the professionals at JKS Finishes, Inc. provide!

Website Wednesday - September '23

Why is Fall is a great time to book an exterior home painting project?  Find out during this September edition of the Website Wednesday Podcast with JKS Finishes, Inc. 

Website Wednesday - August '23

In this month's Podcast, Dan Ludwig & Joe Martin go into the important questions that you should ask your exterior painting pro before you hire them to paint the outside of your home. 

Website Wednesday - July '23

There is no time better than the present to get an estimate for your summer exterior painting project!  Find out why the summertime is the ideal time to to upgrade your home's curb appeal during this months Website Wednesday podcast with JKS Finishes.

Website Wednesday - June '23

In this month's podcast, Dan Ludwig discusses the “10 warning signs that your home needs a fresh coat of exterior paint!”

Website Wednesday - May '23

Find out why all painters aren’t created equal!  In this May ’23 podcast, Dan Ludwig discusses Northwest PA’s unique climate, and why using a professional painting service can help you avoid reoccurring mold & other issues.

Website Wednesday - April '23

In this month's podcast, find out why it's important to get your free estimate & to get your interior or exterior painting project scheduled with JKS Finishes as spring is on the horizon!

Website Wednesday - March '23

Office Manager, Dan Ludwig discusses the benefits of why a happy, rewarding career at JKS Finishes might be exactly the career you’ve been hoping for in your job search!